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Excerpt from the Book

Part 1: Waiting for power

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Two days ago I was elected president of the United States. After a ten-year struggle we have won. The coalition that was put together as the Conservative Party in 2011 following the Republican failure in the 2010 Congressional elections had finally come to fruition. The Conservative Party primarily had been built by a coalition of the Libertarian Party, Republican Conservatives (and others) who had bolted from the Republican Party, and a large number of generally concerned citizens who knew that the direction of the country for the past twenty-eight years was destroying the United States of America. We had campaigned on a platform of radical change, a return to the free enterprise system, and a return to individual responsibility. It appears that we will receive about 44% of the vote, the Democratic Party (hereinafter referred to as the Socialist Party) about 40% of the vote and the Republican Party (hereinafter referred to as the Moribund Party) about 12% of the vote. The Socialist Party was very challenging because it has a solid base consisting of liberals, communists, progressives, environmentalists, and government dependents (now constituting about 20% of the population). The Moribund Party is now a shell whose only base is a center-left constituency that has yet to drift to one direction or another. The Moribund Party’s days are numbered.

Imagine that I, Morton M. Monroe, a 54 year-old man and a distant relative of the fifth president, am now the 46th president of the United States. I promised the people radical change and to return this country to international economic and political prominence, and that is what I intend to deliver. The methods that will be used, however, will not be anything that the people had ever anticipated.

Friday, November 6, 2020

We have to act rapidly in certain areas so that prior to inauguration all the critical pieces of the puzzle are in place. The first and most important priority is the complete cooperation of the military. To that end, I have asked one of my team of 11 advisors to develop a group to interview every general and admiral in the armed forces to establish their political predilections and determine if they will cause any difficulty when our changes are implemented. Prior to each interview we will ask for a questionnaire to be filled out by each senior officer. What they don’t answer will be as revealing as what they do answer. For example, optional question: “Whom did you vote for in the 2020 election?” An unanswered question probably means that individual did not vote for the Conservative Party. We know that the military is largely conservative and will support our new agenda and that would not be the case under a Socialist Party president. We must be certain that any recalcitrant senior officers are retired as soon as possible so that we may go forward expeditiously.

My inner circle of 11 advisors will be assisting me in making all decisions. These include the vice-president and ten at-large advisors, some of whom will become de facto cabinet secretaries. These are the only other people besides myself who know the Master Plan. They are all completely loyal and have been sworn to secrecy. Thomas D. Bagg has been assigned the military task. He is a retired Marine colonel and will become “de facto” Secretary of Defense. He has been a loyal Party member for 12 years and can also smell a liberal from a mile away. He will know which senior military officers are bound to be disloyal.

On inauguration day, there will be 54 Socialist senators, 34 Conservative senators, 12 Moribund senators, 229 Socialist representatives, 159 Conservative representatives, and 47 Moribund representatives. By combining with the Moribund Party in the past, we have been able to stop some of the most egregious Socialist actions. It is not our intention to nominate someone for Secretary of Defense whom the Senate will accept. We will nominate someone the Senate will not accept and can banter about for several weeks before not accepting, then we will nominate someone who is worse than the one before. In the meantime, we will tell the Defense Department to report to Tom Bagg until further notice. Anyone in the Defense Department who objects to this procedure will be terminated. The Socialist Party is the enemy! We will not negotiate with them or compromise any of our principles until our Master Plan is implemented in total. The Socialist Party is ruining the United States of America and we intend to do our best to diminish it before it becomes the Communist Party of America. We will reverse the Marx/Hegel dialectic.