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Excerpt from the Book
Part 1 - Loose ends

Thursday, January 12, 2023

The 118th Congress began deliberations last week. The congressional delegation realizes that I have not as yet rescinded martial law and therefore there are certain matters that I may act upon unilaterally. I have promised them that any other matters brought to the executive branch will be acted upon constitutionally. I have generally reestablished constitutional law but retain a certain authority that I will not hesitate to administer.

There are now 132 United States senators consisting of 86 Conservatives, 42 Socialists, 2 Independents and 2 Moribunds. Those Moribunds just will not go away – at least they caucus with the Conservatives. The Conservatives did well in the former Mexican states and were solid in the southern states. We were somewhat disappointed in the former Canadian provinces but we still have a lot of work to do overcoming the rampant socialism still working in the provinces.

In the United States House of Representatives there are 285 Conservatives, 139 Socialists, 6 Independents, 4 Moribunds and 1 Communist. One person, at least, has the courage to call himself what he really is. The Socialists still call themselves Democrats, and we have a lot of Conservatives I am not too sure about. I think there are a few former Socialists masquerading as Conservatives since conservatism is “hot” right now.

The problem is that Congress isn’t quite sure what to do. We have made it clear over the past two years that we are decentralizing and reestablishing states’ rights and the legislators realize that about 75% of the work they have done in the past is now unnecessary and, in any case, would just be vetoed if they try to slip it in again. Some of the unconstitutional stuff is now rejected out of hand such as the federal minimum wage and federal unemployment benefits. The massive involvement of the federal government in the economy is being unwound.

The Congress just passes too many laws. We need to reduce their involvement. I’ll see to this problem in the State of the Union address.

The Conservative Party now has complete control of the legislative branch of government. There are some judges who apparently cannot read the Constitution of the United States (and the supporting documentation), and now their tenure is in jeopardy.

Friday, January 13, 2023

The nine Supreme Court justices are:

Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito – both appointed by George W. Bush (Bush the second). For us conservatives the George W. Bush presidency was a mixed bag, just like his two Supreme Court appointees. Alito is a conservative and Roberts leans in that direction but sometimes wanders. Roberts is quite conservative on some parts of the Constitution but is all over the map on some others.

In October 2021, under the new rules, Clarence Thomas retired. He was replaced by my appointment, Tyrone A. Lester, a federal court judge from Tacoma Washington.

Simeon Carville, my appointee from 2021, who is an expert on the Tenth Amendment.

Allison Reynolds, another appointee in 2021. Have you ever seen her question a litigator who has come before the court? You would discover why she deserves the nickname “Godzilla”.

In January 2022 Sonia Sotomayor resigned because of difficulties relating to her citizenship. We made a deal with her to allow her to keep her pension and worked out her citizenship problems. In February 2022 I replaced her with my appointment Ramon Herrera, from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Edward Throckmorton, appointed by Charles Jimmerson (Dudley) in 2018.

Arvin Johnson, appointed by Barack Obama in 2015.

Elena Kagan, appointed by Barack Obama in 2010. We have some business to conduct with this ultraliberal member of the Supreme Court, and her day in the docket is coming.

We now have 5 conservative judges, 3 socialist judges and one wanderer (Roberts) on the Supreme Court. We also have complete control of the legislative branch of government. These socialist judges will now have to account for their radical positions vis-à-vis the Constitution of the United States and their day of reckoning will be soon.

There is only one goal here. We want to reverse what happened in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s second term and have eight conservative judges. We also want to remove federal judges whose opinions have no basis in law. Then we can follow the Constitution and return to constitutional law. Once we have eight conservative judges and one wanderer on the Supreme Court we can start to enforce the law. The fact that the 1942 wanderer and the 2023 wanderer both have the same last name I find extremely interesting.