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ISBN: 9781608445424
288 pages
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ISBN: 9781608446322
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About the Book

Presidential Diary reveals the personal diary of Morton M. Monroe, who was elected president of the United States in November, 2020. It details his personal thoughts from the time shortly after the election until the latter part of August, 2021. In November, 2020 the reins of the United States government have been under the control of socialist-leaning progressives for the last twelve years. During this time several continuing substantial national problems have been left to fester and the economy is in a shambles with massive unemployment, high inflation, and an almost unmanageable national debt. President Monroe and his inner circle have a plan for how to attack these problems and realize the situation is so dire that they must act precipitously. Some of President Monroe’s actions are not for the weak-kneed, faint of heart, or unimaginative. This is President Monroe’s story in his own words.

President Monroe and his advisors have a blueprint for how this nation should be administered. It is not a new blueprint but an old one, a return to fundamental principles. They also have new thoughts on how certain lingering national problems should be addressed. His diary is not only a chronology of his actions but also includes many glimpses into the past to give justification for his acts of the present. In his thinking you will find some new ideas, some old ideas, and some old ideas with a new twist. You will learn some history, some geography, a little philosophy, and a lot about the U.S. Constitution and politics.

President Monroe details very little about his personal life and that is as it should be, because President Monroe is every person who is concerned about the direction in which this nation is proceeding. He is the person who goes into a fire to save a child. He is the person who braves frigid water to rescue survivors of a downed plane. He does what any one of you reading this may do if thrown into a desperate situation, he takes charge and tries to undo the damage, and he makes no apologies for whatever fallout may occur. He is not heroic in any sense, but he perseveres.

Above all, Presidential Diary is about the future the United States is constructing for itself. It is not a future that people may wish for the country, but necessity may make this scenario more and more real. This is about saving the last bastion of freedom on this planet and the hope for all the oppressed people of the world. Let us hope and pray that preserving freedom never comes to the point where a Morton M. Monroe is required.